We have the Brace!


Bug and I drove 45 minutes today to try on new ankle braces. Guess what? The very first one fit perfectly, and she LOVED it! She was all smiles, didn't complain once, and I said to the guy "see, I told you that she's a good kid!". He agreed.

The difference between our experience today and the one a couple of weeks ago is night and day. I cannot believe what a difference it can make just having a different employee!!! Of course, this one was the manager of a couple of locations, but still. Not only was he nice, he actually talked to Bug directly, and, had her walk around in it for a period of time. The other guy never even had her get off of the table to see how it felt.

So - it was worth the drive!!!

Here's what she got:
ASO Ankle Stabilizing Orthosis

She also tried on one like something like this:
ProCare Lace-Up Ankle Brace . It was funny, because when we got home she told me that the second brace felt like she was wearing a boot even though she had a shoe on. :)

Anyway, she is SO happy, and so am I. I don't need to try to figure out if we can find a new brace, worry about who to order it, or if it will work well. She's got one that fits like a glove and all that's left is getting the decorations on. Woo-Hoo!


FridaWrites said...

It looks like the one she's getting is more kid friendly and comfortable. I had to wear an ankle brace for a while in 5th grade (until they a long time later discovered it was broken!) and appreciated comfort in one.