GI Update

We saw the GI last week for Bugs 6 month follow-up. I explained that while she has been doing well with the reflux, that she was still having these episodes of severe stomach pain that even additional reflux meds don't touch. I reminded them that our food allergy tests were negative (for the things they tested for) and that I still thought there was something else going on but I didn't know what. Well, the next thing I know they are asking about things like noise sensitivity, headaches, and other migraine related questions. I kind of chuckled, and told them that I had it on my list to talk about the new pedi in two weeks about some headaches and spots she sees.

Well, as it turns out they think she is having abdominal migraines. I had never heard of them! The symptoms fit Bug to a "t" - but I was still hesitant to jump on board. We've had so many "this could be it" diagnosis's with her stomach that I just hate to buy right in. But, again, the symptoms fit so perfectly - it was hard not to get excited. Also, kids who get stomach migraines also tend to get regular migraines as they get older - and Bug's head problems have just really started during this past year. The severe stomach pains started as young as 5, and looking back at my notes I can even see the same pattern then as we have now. That pattern is everything is fine, then she gets a sudden stomach ache that keeps her from doing anything. They last 1-4 days. Just the same as abdominal migraines.

So - the GI told us to give Bug ibuprofen the next time she has a stomach ache. I looked at her like she was crazy, but she told me that was the way to treat it. She gave me a script for a different med if that doesn't work, and talked to me about a daily med as a last resort. I left the appointment feeling a cross between hopeful and totally shocked that this existed, and elated that we might have an answer.

A few days later Bug got a horrible stomach ache. We gave her ibuprofen, and within 15 minutes she was a different kid. She was singing, twirling, happy as a clam. Prior to that she was barely lifting her feet to walk, or hardly speaking. I was excited that the ibuprofen had worked, but still not convinced that was the solution. A result has to be repeatable to be sure that's what did the trick.

Less than a week went by and another stomach ache came full force. Bug said she had a headache too this time, and I gave her ibuprofen. Within 15 minutes the headache was gone, and between 20-25 the stomach ache was gone too. I was in shock.

So - while I do not want her to have another stomach ache, part of me is waiting for one, because if the ibuprofen works again I'll know we have our answer. An answer we've looked for for three years. Yes, she has GERD, there is no denying that, but I have always felt there was something more to it. I just never knew or would have thought it was actually related to a migraine!!!

The other news is we dropped her generic Prilosec in half. If this abdominal migraine stuff continues to solve her problems we might be able to wean her down even more. That was music to my ears!!!

Schools Out for Summer!!!

Schools out for summer, but it sure doesn't feel like it! We have been going non-stop since it got out 10 days ago. We've had some appointments and PT (that will be another post - but it's all good) and Bug has been having musical practice almost everyday now. The practices last about 4 hours, and so she's been loving it yet sleeping like there is no tomorrow! The musical is this coming M, Th, Fri, Sat, Sun, and then she's done. I'm sure she'll have mixed feelings about this, as she has really loved the whole thing. However, I know she's ready to hit the pool and just relax a bit too. ;) In fact, I think we all are ready for some R and R.

Our plans this summer? Well, after this musical is done I hope to get both of my kids on a routine with some reading and schoolwork. For Bug that means some Dragon Naturally Speaking practice, and multiplication/division. I also want to get her to the pool as often as we can to help her get stronger and because it's always the place she feels the freest. :)

Speaking of free... I broke down and got Bug a prepaid cell phone. It's from Kajeet - I got an awesome deal at Amazon on it. It was $90, and that included 100 non-expiring minutes, plus a year of GPS locator service. Oh, and there were 1000 texts included too, but she won't need those. Anyway, I'm not a Mom who usually believes in young kids having cell phones, but Bug is getting to where she needs some independence while at the same time sometimes she and I both get nervous about that. For example, no sooner than I was getting used to leaving her at play practice she had some hip issues, and then she didn't want me to leave her anymore, even for a few minutes. I want her to feel like she is safe and able to do things on her own like other kids her age, but I also realize that she needs to be able to reach me if something doesn't feel right. Since she isn't always comfortable telling others about her pain this allows her to contact me and let me know without making a big deal about it.

So - enter cell phone. ;) She is only allowed to use it to call Dad and I (and we have a friend as a back-up), not for personal phone calls to friends. So far she's only had to take it with her to one play practice, but she really was quite happy to have it, and didn't complain once about me not being able to be there with her the entire thing. I felt good too - I was able to go watch my son play baseball for awhile, and I knew if she needed me she could reach me. So - I've now gone from anti-cellphone for elementary kids to seeing how they can be really helpful, especially for a child with any kind of medical issue.

That's all for tonight folks! ;)