First Full Week of School

Well, we made it, kind of! :) Bug made it through the three 6 hour school days the first week, and then this past week made 4 of 5 full days (7 hours). Friday her throat was hurting and she came home. It was alternating with her stomach, no fever, so I'm pretty sure it's reflux issues. She keeps asking when she is going to the tummy Dr. this week, so I think she is ready to get it resolved as well.

Our special chair is now done, and she can start using it on Tuesday. It looks *wonderful*! They painted it white, and raised the back as well as some other minor adjustments. With Bugs fashionable cushions I think it will be the envy of the class. LOL She is so excited, I hope that once she starts using it the excitement continues and that it helps with her fatigue.

We also took our King Beany beanbag chair back to class, which means she can't sleep in it at night anymore. I've actually considered getting a second one, even though they are expensive (around $175.00) Worth every penny though! My only complaint comes after trying to wash the cover. They make the zipper area way smaller than the bag, so you have to actually remove a ton of foam (for us two trash bags full) to be able to remove the inner bag and wash the cover. Getting the cover back on was just as hard, I ended up stuffing the garbage bags straight in because it was so messy! LOL So now her bag crinkles a little, but still is comfortable. She has been using it to rest a little in class, so I'm glad it is back there.

Bug is still doing the protein bars mid-morning, and most days is only attending the lunch recess (it is the longest). The other recesses she either goes in the library and reads, or into the nurses office rest on the cot. The inflatable camping cushion on the cot she likes so far, but the real test will be in the winter. She also has a pillow there which I brought from home. She missed gym last week due to fatigue, but she was ok with that and didn't complain.

More later...