Ankle Update

Well, Bug fell asleep last night still icing her ankle. That was 2.5 hours after I first learned of the pain. My husband ended up carrying her up to bed as she still couldn't/wouldn't put any weight on it.

When she got up this morning she was still in pain, but not as much. We had her put her old ankle brace on (because of your feedback), and sent her to school limping while crossing our fingers she would be okay. She iced it a couple of times at school, skipped PE, and she said "all of a sudden it felt better" sometime in the afternoon. I pressed her on if it was that she noticed it felt better, or if it suddenly felt better. She insisted that it suddenly felt better and got mad at me for asking. (you know, the "leave me alone I've already told you Mom" kind of mad)

Since then she hasn't complained once, and is happy as a clam. I'm still waiting to hear back from the PT, but I'm SO happy she's better!!!


Amy said...

I also have Hypermoble EDS and in my case, I have ankle issues very similar to Bug. I know that there have been times when I have stepped or moved just right and something in my ankle just felt wrong. No pops or anything, but painful and like something wasn't right. Then a few hours, to a few days later, it moves again and suddenly it's all better! I get the same thing with my hips.

I'm sure that as she gets older, she will be able to verbalize much better about what is going on with her body. Until then, keep asking the questions, keep working with the doctors, and just know that sometimes her body is going to do things that don't make sense.

Glad she is feeling better - can't tell you how much I enjoy reading this blog.

BubbleGirl said...

I know with myself, I sublux my ankles pretty frequently, and it's usually not too bad for pain, but I notice I can't put weight on them for a while, because they won't support it.

Most of my issues resolve themselves if I move the joint in question, but I can't say it's good advice, it's just what works for me.