Yes, we're still out there!

I really don't feel like I have much to say right now, but I wanted to say we are still out here! :) I have been trying to get caught-up on some of the comments you guys have been leaving, if I haven't responded yet I will try to in the next day or so.

Bug is doing well, she's been struggling with her tummy a lot lately. I have an e-mail out to the GI about what we try next, if anything. I think we're pretty close to the end of the road here, although I hate what I have read about the Nissen Fundoplication surgery it might be our only option. I hope not, especially with not knowing how the Ehlers-Danlos would play into how long it lasts and any complications that could develop. More on all of that later, I don't want to go to bed depressed! LOL

A friend of mine designs jewelry, and she took Bug's thumb splints and modified them for her this week. They are just AWESOME! She put another clasp on the chain (so it has claps on both ends) so we can take the chain completely off. Then she made new chains (also double clasped) that are thinner but doubled so it's kind of fun! (like wearing two necklace chains together). By one of the clasps on each thumb she put a little dangle with pink and purple beads. Bug just LOVED them, and told me that she wants to keep them on and not the other silver chains. LOL I plan to take pictures in the next day or two to post - you will see why she adores them so!!!

School is going well minus the fact that she hasn't been sleeping as well as normal. I think a lot of that is due to our school being canceled and having late starts over and over again. It has messed her body's schedule up big time. I guess when you live in an area where a lot of country kids are bussed pretty much anytime there is sleet, snow, or fog school will be canceled, dismissed early, or starting late. If you're really lucky (I am being sarcastic here) you might get a late start AND early dismissal. LOL While it isn't the end of the world, and I'm sure they have their reasons, it is really hard for kids who need scheduled sleep to keep adjusting like this. Not to mention how learning time is effected. Luckily I have kids who pick things up easily - but I know there are many who don't and this has got to make things even more challenging.

Ok - I have to get to bed. Hopefully I'll get those pictures up in the next 48 hours! :)