Help Anyone???

Tonight has brought more ankle problems. Here is the letter I just finished e-mailing to the PT.

"Tonight Bug's ankle started hurting her really badly. At the time it started she says she was sitting down. However, I know that she was going from sitting to standing over and over during play practice, and since I wasn't there I cannot be 100% sure when exactly it happened.

Anyway, when I arrived I could tell something wasn't right by her face. When she came over, she was hopping. I sat her down and removed her brace and asked where the pain was. As she was showing me, something popped (not audibly). That was the first 'pop' she felt, she had not felt one prior to the pain. She said the pop was not in the exact same location as the pain, but in that area. It did not make the pain any better, if anything it made it worse. I ended up carrying her down several flights of stairs and across the parking lot. Trying to get into her seat in the car she fell. Then when we got home, my husband got her out of the car and carried her into the house and laid her on the couch. Currently she is lying with her ankle up and icing, and I will give her some ibuprofen before bed too. It's been almost an hour since I first saw her and learned of the problem, and she's still in pain. :( Hopefully it will work its way out soon.

Anyway, I wanted to send you an image pointing to where the pain is at. To me, it means nothing, but I am hoping it makes sense to you.

My other reason for writing you is because we just got her new brace on Friday, and today is her first full 'normal' day in it. I'm wondering if the brace could have anything to do with what's going on? I know it is comfortable, but is there any chance it isn't supportive enough? Or is it just a fluke? Here's the brace we got:

Thank you for any input!!! "

So guys, here's the image:

Any thoughts? In the past her ankle pain has been more on the outside. I am at a loss here...


Anonymous said...

Did she wean her way into it? You should wear it for 1 hour the first day and increase by an hour each day after (some may try to do it faster, but with EDS slower is definitely better). From the picture I would guess that it was pressure from the brace and will go away as she gets used to it. Hope Bug feels better soon!

BugsMom said...

She didn't wean into it - but she's been in a different ankle brace since Feb. Does it matter switching between braces?

yanub said...

I agree with Anonymous that weaning into a new brace is crucial. Also, she may need different shoes to go with the brace. That's something I have found is sort of skipped over by doctors and orthotists--just what shoes are right for which braces.

Jenbuster said...

I agree with the weaning, when I was put into a different ankle brace, I went whole hog and had a similar reaction. I would say put her into it slowly. That way her muscles and tendons get used to the different support. Good luck!

Sickly Florida Girl said...

I have had that happen many times myself maybe bug steped on it worng and something my have gotten pinched or sometimes i know muscles and ligaments can get stuck ... i am happy she is feelen better