Working on that Typing!

My daughter (Bug) has had an iBook at her desk for almost a week now. She really seems to be taking to it and enjoying it. The great thing is from what I can tell she is able to do about the same amount of work on it as what she could do without it - but now at least she is working towards a new goal. Eventually she will get better with the computer and then she will really take off!

I just want to say again how much I love her teacher! She is just so supportive, we will miss her next year!

Medical note - she has a rash that has been appearing on her upper lip area from time to time. I have often wondered if she is sensitive to something she is eating - also in part due to the stomach aches. The rash happened again tonight during dinner, so I took a bunch of pictures for our allergy Dr. I also cut the labels from the foods she ate. It's just yet another one of those crazy things that we don't know what it belongs to - sensitive EDS skin? Allergy?

This is the type of thing though that makes me feel like such an outsider at times. "Normal" parents wouldn't bat an eye at a rash - or, when they see it they go to the Dr. and get a simple answer. I feel like there are always strange medical things going on, and that they are all likely pieces of this EDS puzzle, but no one knows how they fit together. No one can prove they all go together. There is no manual that tells friends and family that you're not crazy, that your child really is going through this stuff and you just can't figure out why. Sometimes I long for the simplicity of not knowing, not being educated. But, that's just not how I am.

Anyway - I'm still working on those OT ring split pictures. Hope to post them soon!


Girl, Dislocated said...

It may be hard to make friends and family understand all of the strange, possibly EDS-related things going on, but it's a good thing for your daughter that you understand and aren't just brushing these things aside!

In hindsight, there are a lot of weird problems I had when I was younger that make more sense now knowing I have EDS.

Anonymous said...

is it possible that she is allergic to a wide mouthed drinking bottle or sports water bottle. Just look at the ring shape.