Adaptive Clothing

Since I've spoken before about how hard finding "adaptive clothing" for children larger than toddler sizes I thought I'd post some of the places I've been successful.

Gymboree is great - they have lots of leggings that can be worn alone or under skirts/dresses that wear well and have elastic making them easy to pull up and down. They can be expensive, but they have awesome sales, you just have to be patient. Join their e-mail list to be notified of the sales.

Limited Too is something new to us - so I don't know about their clothing in general. Sizes start at 6. I did find a great pair of mittens there which are the gloves/mittens combo with the finger tips cut off. I am hoping that all of our ring splints will slide in and out of these easily and not get stuck, and if it's cold out, my daughter can just flip the mitten part down over her finger tips.
The Children's Place is not usually high on my list (too many skin tight clothes, not good for weak fingers) BUT, I found my daughters first pair of jeans there - so there is something to be said for that since we've been looking for years! The jeans have a soft elastic waist, so she is able to pull them up and down without ever doing the buttons or zippers. To make it even easier, we bought a size larger than she needed, and had the tailor shop shorten the pants. I have bought two pairs of them in denim and one pair in cords so far. I cannot rave enough about this, because I had given up on jeans! Now she fits in perfectly with her peers. ;)
I have also had good luck at Herbergers (also called Younkers, Carsons, Bon-Ton, Elder-Beerman) finding shirts. They have great sales and clearance, and lots of the shirts that flair out and tie in the back. These are great for when you are dealing with a child who is often constipated because they don't put pressure on the waist.
Our favorite shoes right now are Merrell's. They have excellent support, and come in lots of different styles. Best of all, they have Velcro in larger sizes!
Before we found Merrell's, we did New Balance. We still love them (and wear them) but they just don't have as many "stylish" shoes that go well with dresses and such. We have also had some success with Croc's in the summer.

Another thing we use and like are zipper pulls. We attach them to items that have small zippers. They can be really helpful, but they do tend to break easily. We got ours at Toys R Us (they are not online that I can find) and they offer them with your child's name on them. I really liked that, as it helps keep track of their stuff as well. Just in case you can't find them, here is a link where you can purchase all different styles online. I have not ordered these and tested them, so I can't tell you the quality. :)
Finally (for this post at least) I want to share an item we love that we can't live without. It is a corn bag. Similar to rice bags (or flaxseed, herb, etc) these bags can be placed in the microwave for heat, or in the freezer for cold. My daughter gets "hot" feet, sometimes they just feel really hot and uncomfortable, other times she says they burn. We've not quite figured out yet why this happens, but the hot and cold bags are the one thing that soothe her. We prefer to buy the felt covered ones as they are soft too. We've been through just about every kind of heating and cooling bag, and the corn ones are her favorite. One of these links is on how to make your own, and one is where you can order them. I haven't ordered here (we got ours at a show in a mall) but it looks like the same product.
I hope these links are helpful - I'll share more as I think of them!


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