Made it through another Week

I just want to say that I am so happy that after winter break we have had two short weeks! It makes the adjustment back so much better. As I anticipated, my daughter has had some issues getting back into the swing of things, although not too bad. Mostly just adjusting back to getting up early. This week one afternoon she came home and napped for over two hours - I can't tell you the last time she's had a nap! :)

As far as health symptoms, we're back to the stomach aches that last all day. She's also had an increase again in "throw-up burps" (acid reflux). She is still taking her prevacid and there have been no dietary changes. Right now I am thinking it is from the increase in activity, since that is the only change. Last time this happened I figured out it was coming from our new vitamins - they had increased vitamin C. Vitamin C was recommended by our geneticist to help with the bruising she gets, but it upsets her stomach. I thought since it had been a year and she was on the prevacid that maybe we could handle vitamins with extra C, but that backfired.

I've got her sleeping on two pillows at night in hopes that will make a difference. I just don't know what else to do. We see the GI again next month so I guess if it keeps up we will discuss our options again then.

Another thing to note (since this is also for my records) is that our "hot feet" have returned. They started acting up after school, and continued most of the evening. She was wearing her purple Merrell's today. She did tell me that she "always has hot feet at night" to which I asked if she always tells me. (kids perception of time isn't always that great) She told me that there are times where she does not tell me, so I guess I need to pay a bit more attention to the issue. I had kind of assumed that since she has not mentioned it that it wasn't bothering her. Anyway, she's got the corn bag (cold tonight) on her feet and seems pretty happy for the moment.

Finally, no PT or OT this week. She went home early on the day they come due to the stomach problems. Hopefully we'll see them next week.

That's all folks! :)


Anonymous said...

Hi there. I too have EDS Type III. I keep track of various articles and news reports in my personal blog.

I have wrestled with stomach issues - in my case I do not have heartburn or acid reflux. Just mild gastritis and periodic times where my stomach becomes too full and I cannot eat. When my MD gave me acid reduction meds (like pepcid ac) I had severe stomach pain - without the acid, my digestion slowed down.

Bottom line: we have to do a lot of trial and error.