Support an EDS Kid!

Hi everyone!

One of Bugs EDS friends (in fact, her only EDS friend) is in a contest for a local auto dealership. She sang and is in the top 5. Now, she needs votes to stay in and hopefully win!

As we all know, EDS keeps kids from doing so many fun activities and sports. Singing is one of the "safe" activities we can do. So lets all band together and vote for Samantha Hale, she sang wonderfully and it would be great to see someone win who continues to overcome so much!

The website doesn't require you to register to vote, and it also doesn't say how often you can vote, only that the vote goes for 4 weeks with one child being eliminated each week.

So - take a minute and vote for Samantha, gooooo Sammy!


Gumby / Mommy Zebra said...

Hi My name is Nicole and I just wanted to let Bug know that I have voted for her friend a few times! I have been following your blog for a while now and I love hearing about everything. I have EDS also and so does my son, hes four and will be 5 in October. He will be starting school in September so I am very anxious about what that will bring, his fingers and writing have always been a challenge as well as his ankles with balance/running and rolling his ankles. Please let Bug know we thing of her often. Thank you for sharing your daughters EDS with us, its been a wonderful insight for me and Im sure many others.

Warmest regards,


Jaz said...

I've voted for Samantha, not only because you told me to ;) But also because she's actually the best.
I think that it's good that she isn't brought down by her EDS, that she is making the best of it and doing what she can do, and doing it well.
You've got me curious now, I'm going to go and find out all the things that EDS kids can do.
Wishing you, Bug, and Samantha the best (she better win, I'm voting for her once every day now!) Good luck!

Achelois said...

Hi I voted for Samantha also not just because of your polite request but also because I genuinely felt she was the best. I have EDS as does my daughter. Have your blog in my reader - and reading of others experience with EDS helps me cope with ours. Thank you.