Playing Catchup - A Monthly Update

I am going to be lazy and just post here what I sent to one of our EDS support groups. I am just not feeling like writing it all over again right now. :) I hope it makes sense! Obviously there are a few things that were already addressed in the blog, but there's also some stuff that wasn't. The PT part is one that is now outdated, since insurance is telling us no more for the ankle... Anyway, hopefully this fills in some blanks!


Well... it's been quite a month!

First of all, my daughter made it through the community musical. It was incredibly taxing on her at times, there were several nights they had practice that she was in pain. But she just sat down and limited her participation to what she felt she could do, and made it through. I was proud of her for that, but also caught myself in tears several times because I kept thinking "it isn't fair that she can't be up on her feet like all of the other kids!" Needless to say, I kept those moments brief and to myself. :) She did an awesome job in the musical, and almost 4 months of hard work and practice came to a sudden end.

One thing I did do is buy her a Kajeet cell phone. It's a company that caters to kids. I did it because she'll be 9 in a month, and I'm starting to see her pull back from some activities because she's afraid of being without me. We're at a point now where her peers are going to notice. So - instead of her being the "baby", I decided to get her a cell phone so she can call me should she need anything, and I can be there in less than 5 minutes. It brought her (and ok, me too!) and incredible amount of peace of mind. I wish I had done it sooner! The phone was a great deal - $90 at Amazon with 100 non-expiring minutes, and 1 year of GPS location service on it. I also love all of the parental control features, but since her phone is only for emergency use right now we don't need them. That said, when she is older and allowed to use her phone for leisure too I am excited that I can control so many aspects of when she uses it.

Medically we are still in PT. We are doing every other week right now but I'm not sure if we're keeping it that way or increasing it some. I'm waiting to hear back from the PT on that and some other questions. Her new ankle brace is still comfortable, although the heat makes it itch and she isn't a big fan of that. PT we're still doing water therapy and while I'm sure it helps we've had no huge improvements lately.

We saw the GI - and they think that Bug has been having abdominal migraines. It really fits - and we've had success treating her stomach pain with ibuprofen since given that idea. Wouldn't it be amazing if this is the missing piece we've spent the last 3 years looking for? Why she was having this severe, breakthough pain that didn't respond to any acid blockers? Anyway, there's more to the story. We also met with her new Pedi (who is also her Orthopedist) and on our list was headaches. I asked him if Bug could be having migraines in additional to abdominal migraines because sometimes she has the headaches first, then stomach aches. (I have found this out while keeping notes the last few weeks) He said absolutely, she could be having both. I mentioned that I had read most kids outgrow abdominal migraines around 9, but start getting the other kind then. He said this is true, so the good news is hopefully some of the stomach pains will start to ease up before too long. However I know there are some people who continue to have stomach pains with migraines. So, maybe the pain isn't quite as bad?????

He recommended that we continue with the ibuprofen for now, as long as it is working, but that if it doesn't we do have other options and he can manage that for us. He looked at the script the GI gave us as our second med to try and agreed with what I suspected, which is that it's to treat IBS and was just another shot at eliminating things Bug doesn't have to figure out what she does. He felt that we shouldn't even try that, as the abdominal migraines and migraines seem to be related - so to call him if the ibuprofen doesn't work.

We also got to ask him about her ankle brace, as Bug has been very concerned about when she will get it off. I didn't want to commit to anything because I wasn't 100% sure either, so she asked him. Dr. Phillips told her that he wasn't sure, it depended on many things. One of those is how much she works at home on her PT exercises. Another is how her body reacts to the PT. He did tell her that even if it was strong enough to not wear it all of the time she would probably still need it for gym class and activities, to make sure she didn't hurt it again. In the meantime, he let her know if she was relaxing around the house she didn't have to wear it. (which we already were doing) She seemed to deal well with all of that. I asked about PT, and how often we should be going, and for how long. I told him it seems like there is always something needing work. For example, that day her other foot was "feeling like it was going to fall off" to the point she didn't want to walk around and shop like we usually do. He checked it, and said it was fine, just really loose. PT would benefit it too. So - the answer to the PT question was 1) what will your insurance pay for and 2) you go until it interferes in your quality of life and then you back off. Ummm - ok, so I know in some ways that is a good answer, but in others I'm still left scratching my head. LOL I guess we just go until we are sick of it? Or the PT is sick of us? Our PT order doesn't expire for a year, and has no limits on how often we can go. Weird - but good, right?

What else... Her allergies are acting up, so she's back on nasal spray. He is going to manage her allergies/asthma from now on too unless something weird crops up. No more super mean allergy Dr. - woo-hoo! Also, her therapist moved to MI. :( But, she put Bug in touch with a new one and Bug seems to like her. They set some goals to continue working on based on what she was doing with her old therapist. We haven't met with her solo yet (she met with Bug and her old dr. together) but I need to get an appointment set-up soon so we can take advantage of summer, ie. no school!

Bug did have another dental appointment - she didn't panic AT ALL! On top of that, she needed sealants and had a small cavity which we had to go back a week later to have done. She also made it through that appointment without ANY MELTDOWN! I was on cloud nine! All of the therapy has worked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Our last cavity was a disaster - this one was a breeze. Bug even said afterward that she couldn't believe she was so worried about it before, because it wasn't bad at all. WOW! It might also have helped that she didn't need shots with it, but still, I've had them done without Novocaine before and it still isn't discomfort free. It was such a good feeling knowing that we do not have to fear the dentist anymore! She has survived cleaning, fluoride, and the dreaded cavity/filling. I am so happy and proud!

Sorry for such a long update, but it just seems like we've had a lot of things going on lately. I am just now starting to feel like it's summer. We've had so many appointments my head was starting to spin - but I think we're pretty much done now for awhile, and, I think we've made some serious progress!


Anonymous said...

Sounds like Bug is a heckuva kid. I'm 24 and I probably wouldn't be getting my dental checkup if I hadn't recently discovered the miracle that is sedation dentistry. If only I'd known as a kid...