I'm Bacckkkk!

I cannot believe that I have not posted since August - but I just didn't feel like blogging. Then suddenly today I felt like sharing again, so here I am.

Let's see, since my last post Bug turned 8 (WOW - she was diagnosed at 5), she started 3rd grade, we did lots of fun family stuff and she's now completed her first quarter at school. Report cards and teacher conferences will be next week. Gosh, time flies!

She is doing well in school. The PT and OT are still seeing her although I'm not sure how much. She is involved in Girl Scouts, taking vocal lessons, and she is about to finish her "cheerleading" class. It is very low key, no jumping or gymnastics type of stuff. Just chanting and clapping. She is asking to take swim lessons again, but she also wants to go to the after-school program at church, so I just don't know how we could fit all of that in! I am happy that she is involved and finding activities that she enjoys and are healthy for her.

Now the not as fun stuff. She sprained her ankle in gym class a week ago, by tripping on the floor. Whoops! :) I think most EDS'ers see the humor in that. EDS'ers tend to be a bit less coordinated than the general population. So, she's in an air cast splint until the end of this week. It seems to be healing up nicely and she is now walking "normally" on it again.

As some of you know we're having some issues with her speaking up for herself and her needs. She didn't ask for any ice when she injured herself, even though she was hopping around all day at school. The teachers thought she was fine because she didn't complain, which she wasn't. I did speak to her main teacher the next day briefly and let her know that Bug isn't a complainer, but I also spoke to my daughter and stressed it was up to her to take care of her needs. That she should always ice any injury. I thought she got it, but then two days later she had another incident.

Bug came home and was telling me how badly she had to go to the bathroom at school, but that she couldn't because she'd loose a "coupon". I asked if it was close to recess (when they wouldn't loose one) and she said no, she had to wait a long time. Upon further questioning, I found out that she didn't even ask the teacher to go, she was just assuming that because that is what the teacher had said to the class in general at the beginning of the school year that it also applied to her. I explained that she could go whenever she wanted because she has a Dr. note, and I asked if she wanted me to talk to her teacher. She got really upset and said NO!

So - I think we have a bit of an issue right now with not wanting to draw attention to herself, or wanting to make herself any more different than her peers. I suppose I knew it would happen at some point, but boy, it stinks. I can't follow her around everywhere making sure she gets ice packs and asks to go to the bathroom, but I finally have her off of miralax and I don't want to end up back on it. Ugh! Anyway, we are going to start going back to her therapist again and I am going to mention this and see what her thoughts are. I don't want to make a huge deal out of it but at the same time I want the door to be opened so that Bug can know she has someone to talk to about this stuff (besides me) as she gets older. I hate having to go to therapy, but at the same time I know if we don't deal with the medical anxiety now or the being "different" now there is a good chance it will only get worse as she gets older. But the having to leave school early and driving over an hour just for therapy sucks, even though I really like her therapist. Wahhh, listen to me complain. I should just be thankful we have a good therapist, right?

We are also in the process of trying to find acceptable clothes for winter, which isn't easy when you are looking for items that are easy to get over your head, pants without zippers or buttons, coats with easy zippers, etc. Plus, it has to be "trendy" because we're at that age. ;) I have managed to get two pairs of jeans that have no zippers or buttons which are very trendy (complete with sparkles on the pockets) but that's been it so far! I am going searching again tomorrow and hope to find some more clothes. If I can't she'll end up with several pairs of the same thing, which is better than not having any jeans. We're tired of living in sports pants/sweats.

So, overall things are going well. Sometime in the next month we should be having our IEP meeting and I'll get to hear what the plans are for the upcoming year. Should be fun, right???

Oh - I almost forgot! We see our new GI on Friday, so cross your fingers we all get along! Ok, I'm done now - for real! I'll try to update again soon!


Evil Transport Lady said...

EDSers have a way of just "putting up" with stuff. My daughter believes she broke her finger when she dislocated it. I told her we should have it looked at, she just rolled her eyes and told me I was "nuts".
As for the potty breaks at school, I would want to call the teacher too, but also understand how your daughter feels. She doesn't want to be "different". It's such a fine line.
I'm glad you are back! I was worried:(

BugsMom said...

Hi Evil! (it's so fun to call you that!) :)

I'm glad to have posted again too - I needed a break but missed it at the same time. I will be having a conference with Bugs teacher next week and will be mentioning the bathroom thing. What kills me is that she sits right by the door in part so she can get to the bathroom quickly. That's one of her accomodations.

Thank you for checking in and leaving comments! :)

Kat said...

Wow, this is random, but I was just searching EDS, and I found this, which is amazing. I have EDS, and the things brought up in these are so familiar.

The bathroom issue:
When I was in school (I'm homebound now) I was seated closer to the door as well because I had a hip brace and it took me longer just to get it off to even use the lou
But the thing is, that some of the teachers really dont care if you have eds, hopeully your daughter's do care, but with mine, there were a few who'd say that i needed to be treated just like everyone else...but it was wrong, its one of the reason I'm home bound now.

The being different thing...I guess it takes time. I was really worried about being different as I got older, but I got used to it, and now, I don't have much of a problem with it, but its nice to have someone to talk to.