Weird how Abnormal is Just Plain Normal

Tonight Bug was sitting playing a video game when she suddenly said "ouch - my thumb just popped out". To my amazement, she then tried to bite the joint. When asked why, she informed me that "this is what I usually do when this happens." Mind you - this is all new news to me!

Apparently the gnawing on her thumb wasn't working as she came and sat on my lap telling me how much it was hurting/bothering her. I tried to gently manipulate it, but gosh darn-it, I have no idea how to relocate a thumb! Where is the instruction manual for that? LOL Anyway, she took her thumb back, rubbed it a little, put it back in her mouth and said "got it!" So I guess she knows better than I how to handle the situation. It's a weird way of doing it, but if it works, I guess that's ok, right?

I was surprised by two things. First of all that this has been happening for awhile and that I had no idea! Secondly, that she knew how to deal with it and thought it wasn't a big deal. Painful, yes, but something to freak out about? No. To her, it's annoying, but "normal".


Evil Transport Lady said...

LOL! My daughter does the same, I believe pulling it away from the joint somehow works it back in. Maybe your daughter uses her mouth that way.

My kid also doesn't tell me everytime she dislocates, only when it's bad...i.e. swollen or black and blue.

We have a saying in our house "Whatever doesn't kill you just makes you more bendy." Kind of morbid, but it reminds us how bad it could be (vascular EDS), and how although it's bad, she's still alive and living her life.

Take care and keep us updated:)

BugsMom said...

Thanks Evil!

I am not as worried as I was surprised. The only dislocation I was totally aware of to date was when her hip kept dislocating or sublaxing last winter. I guess I just always thought that when it happened she's be shocked at say something. I'm glad it isn't too traumatic for her - and as it turned out last night on her way to bed she did the same thing to her pinky! Stuck it in her mouth, wiggled it while doing so, and announced it was back in.

You have a great attitude and I really appreciate your comments and support! :)

Anonymous said...

It's actually a good thing that she can relocate her joints without having to go to the hospital, or a doctor. The longer the joint is dislocated, the more it hurts, and the longer it takes to heal. I just dislocated my right knee for the irst time on friday, and I didn't hesitate to stand up, and put weight on it to pop it back in, and I could walk on it within a couple of hours.