Spring is Here!!!

Finally, warm weather!!! It's been a great week here, warm but not hot, and the kids are on break. Bug has done great so far, no tummy aches, lots of rest, and playtime with friends. Who could ask for more?

I saw her PT last week at the school, and asked for her thoughts about the fatigue and stomach aches at school. She was really pro-protein, and was thrilled we've already added two high protein snacks into her school day. She also suggested some supplements, which she has been taking for years, and I am awaiting more info on that when school starts back up. She seemed to be on the same page about the fatigue being the root of our problems (stomach included) but wasn't as enthused about my seating theory. However, I'm going to run that by the OT's since I think that might be more of their thing. But in the end, as we eliminate each of these potential causes, that gets us closer to more solutions. So if we keep trying what they suggest, and still have problems, I'm thinking that they will be more receptive to some of my more "off-beat" suggestions. ;)

After having a taste of Spring Break, I just can't wait for summer! It is so nice to see Bug getting lots of rest, having time to play, and enjoying herself. School just wears her out so much... It's amazing how much of a difference it makes just having the leisure of being able to stop and rest as needed instead of being on someone else's schedule.

I'm also looking forward to lots of lazy days at the pool. I just wish I had a laptop so I could actually get work done while she plays and swims. We spend so much time there I could accomplish a lot!

That's about it for today - like I said, it's so much less stressful when we are completely on our own schedule. Of course, we aren't doing any school work right now either, which gets tiring. Breaks are so nice...


joanne said...


I have eds too and reading your blog... it sounds so so familiar! Hope you guys are all hanging in there!


Angel said...

I have actually never heard of eds before... and I am studying to be a special education teacher, so I'm glad I am learning about it! Nice blog!