Sleeping Late...

Yesterday was another off day, Bug just didn't seem right from the beginning. However, she made it until 12:30 before the school called me. Then she rested in the office for 45 minutes, went to class with me (I was going to volunteer) but it was apparent neither of us was going to get anything done. Finally, at 2:15 we went home. She rested on the couch until 3:00, then popped up and said she wanted to return to school. Ack! School was over in 20 minutes. (she doesn't know time very well yet)

So... I've decided to take a new approach. Instead of trying to get her to hang in there and rest at school, I'm going to start picking her up right away and see if that 45 minute break still holds true. Then if so, she can still return to school and hopefully get something done or at least enjoy the rest of the day. It's at least something new to try.

Today I let her sleep in, she slept until 9:30. I think that was somewhere between 12-13 hours of sleep. So far no calls from the school so maybe it is helping.

I also wanted to state that several of you have posted great feedback to this blog - but can you please include any links to studies or resources you mention? I have a folder I am working on full of this kind of stuff, and the more research I have to back my requests the more apt we are to get them. I love the fact there are people even reading this - and love even more you care enough to post back. But if you have some information that could be helpful, please share that too. I'm always looking for more! :)

I did take in a travel lap table today to be used with Bug's beanbag chair. I hope that it is helpful - even a small step in the right direction would be good!

Thanks to all of you again!