Just a little note...

Today was the warmest it's been in months - yipiee! 72 degrees, sunny, and clear. Bug told me she went out for two recesses today, as well as for a special reward time outside they had earned. She hasn't been out that much in a single day since fall. So, I asked her, why she went out so much today. She told me because she wanted to. So I asked why she doesn't go out when it's colder out. And she said "because when it's cold my body hurts more." So - note to myself to share that with our Dr's. It makes sense in many ways - and rings true of what I remember from last year. Of course, last year we were just beginning our journey and I wasn't keeping notes like this yet, but from what I can remember winter was really hard on her compared to the warmer months.

That's it for today!