Haha - I know, "Wiiiiii" sounds like a silly title for a post! However, that's what this is about (in part). The Wii.

I don't think I've taken the time to tell you guys about how much we love our Wii. Besides the fact that it is so much better than any other game system just because it makes kids move - it has opened up so many doors for Bug that were not open to her before.

For example, tonight we spent family time bowling. Obviously, bowling probably isn't something that a child with EDS should be doing. After all, if you aren't supposed to carry books around school, odds are the Dr.'s would frown upon hurling an 8 lb bowling ball around. But with the Wii, we can bowl safely in our own living room. I cannot explain how happy this made Bug the first time she did it. And she still loves it, months later.

On the Wii she is also able to box, play tennis and baseball. There are lots of other fun games she plays on it too (laser hockey, fishing, ping pong, etc) but the first ones are things that are not safe in real life. It is priceless to her to have a way to play them - and be able to play them on a level playing field no less.

This afternoon I was doing some work and watching her play "fishing". All of a sudden I noticed she was standing on her Bosi Ball. I could not believe it!!! If you have ever tried to stand on one you'll know it isn't easy to keep your balance on it while just standing still, let alone while throwing a fishing rod! LOL She also played several other interactive sports games standing on it. WOW! This is a girl who two years ago didn't have enough balance to walk up or down stairs with one foot, then the other. I cannot wait to tell her PT about this - I am sure she will be so proud!

So - if you do not have a Wii, and have EDS and feel left out of sports, consider getting one. It is one of the best investments that we have made!!!!!!!


Girl, Dislocated said...

That is an AWESOME idea! Definitely something I'm going to start saving up for!