Picture of Custom Ring Bracelets

I think I posted a bit ago about the custom bracelets my friend made Bug to hold her silver thumb splint in place. If not, what she did was add a clasp to both ends of the silver bracelet that came with the splint so it could be removed. Then she made new bracelets and added bead charms in Bugs favorite colors to them to "dress" it up. We have several other ideas like one that would be able to support charms as well. But we're still playing around. :) The idea is that Bug can change the bracelets to fit her mood just like any other piece of jewelry. Pretty cool, isn't it? Thanks Dania! You can check out her custom jewelry here: Designs By Dania.

As you might have noticed, I'm posting twice today - woohoo! We're on vacation and I'm trying to get my blog updated. I've added a ton of resource, support, and blog links. I hope you guys find them helpful! :)


Anonymous said...

Wow, those rings are really quite pretty. We just ordered mine today, and I have a friend who just graduated from jewelry school so I might have to see if he can make me a nicer chain. I finally had to give up on my old stainless steel ones because I was just too swollen to get it on anymore. Is it true that they can adjust up to half a size? Thank you for posting these pictures.

BugsMom said...

Yes, that is what I was told. We have adjusted Bugs several times. The adjustment comes from bending the rings slightly to move the hole closer or further apart. Does that make any sense? :) Good luck!