Moving Along - Done with PT!

As usual, it's been awhile since I've posted. We had a great Christmas spending it with Grandma and Papa. Both of the kids had fun, and we even kept up with Bugs PT and relaxation exercises. I was pleased with that. :)

Bug has really enjoyed working on her mini-tramp. I got one with a bar on it to make sure she has the extra stability or something to grab if she needs it. Several of her PT exercises are done on it, and she likes to just jump in general. It's great - I wish we had gotten one sooner! Her face just lights up when she's on it. Plus, I got a great deal from and paid only $59 and no tax or shipping. If only I could get a Bosu ball for a deal like that!

Grandma kindly sent her Bosu ball back with us for a few months since she currently isn't using it. It gives me a little more time before shelling out another $100 on PT equipment. We are also still looking for a 4 lb medicine ball that is gel filled and smaller than 8 inches. I thought it'd be easier to find than it has been, but part of that is because online a lot of places either don't say if the ball bounces (which is what we want) or what the diameter is. The PT told me I could e-mail him the ones I found and he can help me, so I think that's what I'm going to do if I don't have better luck.

Speaking of PT - Bug graduated Friday! No more PT unless something changes. Her hip has not been a problem since we've been seeing him, so our directions are to keep doing PT nightly and continue to work on her sleeping position to try to make sure we can keep her legs from being up in the air at night. I'm SO happy about this - because even though Bug likes PT, neither of us wants to drive to Iowa City anymore than we have to! This is one less appointment, yippee! So now we're done with OT, and PT for the moment, and I am SO THANKFUL!

We also did therapy Friday, and talked about our upcoming GI appointment on the 15th. This is the first "real" doctor appointment since her meltdown, and I'm nervous. We decided that what we are going to do is meet with our therapist 1/2 hour before the appointment, and the therapists will attend the appointment with us. I am contacting the GI ahead of time and requesting we not do any invasive procedures and let him know that we are planning to have Bug leave the room before we talk about what next, what if's, and so on. At this point we are just hoping to get her in the door and to cooperate with a basic appointment. If we can achieve that, we'll go from there.

The therapist is going to look into how we can have Bug removed from the room, if Child Life can be ready and well aware of her case. In the past Child Life has not been able to cope with her, they are used to children who are afraid because they don't know what is going to happen. Not kids who know darn well what's going on and do it often, and are afraid. They are also going to see about making sure we do not have a Child Life specialist that we've had in the past, both for Bug's sake as well as because I think they will be biased against her. That's what happened before, and after all of this therapy I don't need someone judging her on the past and making things worse.

After I hear back from the GI, I'll pass that along to the therapist(s) for them to plan based on what our appointment is going to be like. My biggest fear is that we're going to need another endoscopy - sometime soon. I'm sure she'll need one again, but I just hope it's not for awhile. However, even though I know the medicine is helping, she still is sleeping on a huge pile of pillows, requesting to snack a lot (because her tummy is starting to hurt, she says if she doesn't eat right away it starts to hurt bad) and can't eat a ton of foods. So with that in mind, I am worried. On the flip side of the coin, she's not missing school for feeling ill, and she isn't having any throw-up burps. That's all good. So I'm going to cross my fingers that maybe we'll be in the clear for a bit longer.

On a side note - the silver rings splints are working out nicely. A couple are too big to where on non-swollen days they will slip almost all the way down her fingers, but most days they are just loose around the joint where they belong. The days they are falling down we just don't wear them. The others are also a bit loose, but not nearly as bad. I still need to take a picture and update it here, they are truly beautiful!


Girl, Dislocated said...

Congrats to Bug on her graduation! I hope her hip continues to be problem free!

And I am still totally amazed by the awesome way you, Bug's therapist, and Bug are addressing Bug's anxiety! There would be so many more well-adjusted kids out there if all parents dealt with this issue with sensitivity, patience, and practicality rather than simply dragging their kids into the office and holding them down.