Aweomse Visit, Great IEP Meeting, and Back to School!

Wow - so much has happened in the last 24 hours! We had our meeting at the technology center on Monday and it was great. Bug was really tired that day, but she went and tried everything out like a trooper. We just took several rest breaks inbetween different technology trials. I'm going to have a separate post about that later, when I have my notes and can write names in case anyone else needs the information, but it was a great experience and Jim was a great help!

We also had our new ring splints made - all ten of them. It took about 90 minutes, and Bug was great for that as well. Everything fit wonderfully during that time, but after we left and got outside and walking around one by one her fingers started to swell and the rings came off. :( Since then we have been unable to get them back on, and the couple that will go on get stuck and make a suction sound when we pull them off. I am crossing my fingers that we can try lowering the temperature tonight while she sleeps and get her fingers down to where the splints will at least go on tomorrow. We'll see. If not, back to the OT we will have to go, although I don't know what to do to get them to swell while he's making them.

Yesterday was our IEP meeting. We left the IEP as it stood from last December, but brainstormed a lot to get data for the upcoming meeting. It was almost 3.5 hours we all talked. We had our 1st grade teacher, 2nd grade teacher, principle, OT, PT, gym teacher, gym student teacher, and school nurse. Things that are worth mentioning are that we are going to try allowing bug to go to lunch early with a different student (drawn from a hat) each day to allow her more time to eat, she will also be allowed to go to the library or computer lab as available (has to have an adult present) during resting recesses to read or practice typing, she is going to be given round stickers with numbers on them to put on her math worksheets so she won't have to write them until our technology is in place, the school is looking into getting some benches outside at the playground (we have none) so she can rest outside and be social with the other kids even if she is tired. Until then, chairs will be brought out as an option. She also will have an aid for state testing to fill in the bubbles on the test, and for multiple choice in the classroom she can use a marker to put a dot on the correct answers. Her bean bag chair is back in the classroom with a lapboard for if she needs to be in a different position while working. A camping pad is in the nurses office to go on the cot as a trial for when she needs quiet rest, in hopes of keeping her in school. I also was allowed to leave a pillow for her to use with it. Technology was discussed, but again, that will be in another post. :)

We also are going to be able to paint the special chair they got her, to dress it up. I'll take before and after pictures when the chair is finished being worked on. It's interesting!

And finally, the request for an air-conditioner went fine, we just have to wait for our medical note to get here. (hope it's soon!) :)

The first day of school was fun, and so far Bug hasn't crashed. I suspect tonight will be early bedtime though. She did work hard, and not being able to use any ring splints means extra work for her. But she was *very* happy, loves her teacher, and enjoys most of the kids in her class.

All in all, it's been a good couple of days!