An Inspiration to Never Give Up!

While this isn't directly related to EDS in ways it is. You see, one of the things I worry about is my daughter's dreams. Will she be able to accomplish whatever it is she dreams of doing? I know other parents with Ehlers-Danlos Children wonder the same thing.

When I saw this video today, I actually started crying. It's from the British show "Britains Got Talent". It's a clip of a 47 year old woman who goes up and starts talking about how shes always dreamed of being a singer, and when asked why she isn't one she says she's never had a chance until now. You can see on everyone's face how they don't expect much out of her, but then she opens her mouth and begins to sing "I Dreamed a Dream" from Les Miserables. You have to listen to the entire clip - I did three times so far.

It's not like I haven't heard this song before; Les Mis was the first musical I ever saw and it continues to be my favorite 20 years later. We've seen it many times and the music is on our iPods. Bug has even been learning "Castle on a Cloud" at her vocal lessons. What makes this so magical for me is the raw, undiscovered talent that has been hiding in this woman for so many years, just waiting for the right time to come out. She didn't give-up on her dreams, she wasn't afraid to take a risk, and to top it all of the song choice was just perfect for both her vocally and the lyrics were so fitting too.

She was a wonderful reminder that my Bug's dreams might take longer to acheive, and they might need adjusted, but she can still have them and accomplish them if she waits for the right time and place.

Rock on Susan Boyle!


Linda Covert said...

Your comments about your daughter's future, her hopes, her dreams and ambitions will become a reality because she has parent's like you. I am 52 years old and did not have the support from my parent's. I had a very successful chiari surgery in 1966, but needless to say, it was not diagnosed as chiari. I look completely normal, even though I suffer from EDS, syringomyelia, chiari malformation and tethered cord (I had surgery).
Long story short, disabilities are challenges that create warriors and overcomers. I have 3 adult children, 3 granddaughters, studied voice with metropolitan coaches, scholarships for voice, on and on.....Yes, I have been through hell but God has His purpose in my life and in your beautiful daughter's life. Thank You for blessing me with her story and your unconditional love. Love makes all the difference. Linda Covert