Summer Update

I thought I'd pop in and give a small update since it's been a couple of weeks. Things are moving along nicely for summer. We've been practicing our OT stuff, hitting the pool, and having lots of family time. We've rented several games for the Wii, the interactive kind. Bug really enjoyed Carnival Games, and Playground Sports. I just have to say again how nice it is for her to be able to "play" games that she can't play in real life!

Currently we are up in the Chicago suburbs visiting her Grandparents. Last night we all went to see the Beach Boys at an outdoor concert. It was so nice, because we had lawn seats (meaning you show-up, claim a section of lawn, and put our your chairs, table, picnic table, etc) so Bug could stretch out and move as she pleased. I cannot imagine her being comfortable in normal seating, but she had a great time and was happy the whole 4 hours we spent there. I'm sure it helped that the kids who live next door to Grandma were in the spot next to us! :)

While we're here we are also planning to hit Milwaukee for an afternoon, and then head into Chicago another day to see the musical Willie Waunka and the Chocolate Factory. Combine that with the massive amount of shopping we've been doing and it makes for one fun trip!

Medical updates...
We got our allergy appointments rescheduled at the University of Iowa. We were supposed to see several people in the middle of the flood. I still need to make a couple more appointments but I'm excited to have allergy scheduled because Bug is asking for food allergy tests. She's been off of dairy most of the summer, and it has really helped with the stomach aches. The thing is, she's not getting lower stomach cramps, loose stools, or gas when she does have dairy. But she gets horrible stomach pain. Allergy? Lactose intolerance? Who knows... Nothing is ever clear cut and "by the book" around here. But she wants the allergy tests to see if she really can't have milk or not, so I'm jumping on it. I'm crossing my fingers she actually goes through with it when we get there. If she does, not only do I hope it provides some insight as to why nothing seems to help her stomach, but I also hope it is another leap forward with her anxiety. I sure do hate all of these little "unknown" pieces of Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome!

Another thing going on is she's had shoulder problems twice in the last two weeks. Once she was sitting on the shoulder and moved slightly, causing horrible pain/discomfort. She wouldn't even allow me to touch her to try to help. This morning she woke-up with something similar going on. It's been about an hour now and she still is hurting. Right now she's trying heat on it and she says it helps a little. Of course I forgot the childrens Advil. I think we'll have to run out and get some in a bit. I packed everything BUT advil. Figures!

I know I'm forgetting stuff, but I'm signing off and spending time with my family. I'll check-in later!


yanub said...

Good luck with the food allergy tests. If she does have food allergies, and can avoid eating those foods from now on, she's going to feel so much better!

Evil Lunch Lady said...

My youngest couln't eat any dairy for three years, then all of a sudden she could. Weird, no doc could explain it. That was the begining of our trip thru EDS world. Don't know if it has anything to do with EDS, but after that more stuff started to happen. I've learned that nothing is case classic. You have to go with the flow, and it's very frustrating. Enjoy the rest of your trip!