End of 2nd Grade!

Yet another year has just flown by! Bug is finished with second grade in a week and a half. I just can't believe that, it seems like she just started school.

Of course we are busy with end of the year stuff. I have meetings with the AEA's PT next Tuesday after school, and the OT Wednesday morning. We are supposed to talk about where Bug is at with her exercises, what we should be working on over the summer, and if she should have any extended year services. While it sounds easy, these meetings usually take awhile, and I walk away exhausted! :)

One really cool thing is our pal Jim from iCater at the University of Iowa is going to drive down next week and meet with the OT, bug and I. He is going to see if he can help our OT with technology solutions, and I am just thrilled! I am hoping that this will open the door for future communication between them (he is a wonderful resource) that will help not only Bug but other children in our district. Jim has gone above and beyond to help us try to find something for Bug to help her, and this is just another example. It just goes to show that thinking outside of the box, being resourceful, and being appreciative can go a long way!

Bug has been playing in the challenger baseball league, it is her second year. The challenger league is for children who are unable to play regular ball due to physical or mental challenges. My daughter just *loves* playing with these children and looks forward to her games. Everything is done as safely as possible. Soft balls, adult toss, heart guards (optional)... Plus each child gets to play to their ability, so many walk, or have other people help them with batting. It's such a great program, and I am thankful that Bug is able to play a sport she normally couldn't!

We are also hoping to get to go horseback riding again this summer, I have to call on that today. If anyone is interested the technical term is Hippo therapy, where horses are used to do physical therapy with kids. It's awesome, usually free or very low cost. We look forward to it each summer. :)

Finally, I did a newspaper interview the other day with our local paper on Bug and EDS. I'm hoping something comes out before the end of the month (after all, it is national Ehlers-Danlos Awareness Month). I'll post here when I know more, but I'm crossing my fingers!


Girl, Dislocated said...

Yep, this year has gone by INSANELY fast!

Sounds like Bug has lots of fun stuff planned for the next few months--challenger league, Hippo therapy... and of course summer vacation!

The timing would be great if the newspaper article made it to print this month, but either way, it's awesome to see EDS in the media, and I'm looking forward to when it comes out! My much more minor effort to raise EDS awareness is going to entail giving a presentation to my sister's biology class sometime next week.

BugsMom said...

Hey Girl!!!

Good luck with your presentation - I bet it will be great! Are you using humor at all???

I've missed your blog lately, but I know you're busy just like the rest of us. I just wanted to let you know I was thinking about you!

Girl, Dislocated said...

My blog does tend to take a back seat sometimes, but I'll be back on there soon enough! As for the presentation, I am sure some humor will find its way in there--I won't be able to help it!

Thanks for thinking of me even when I haven't posted and for the luck! :)