Silver it Is! PT, here we come!

In light of yesterday's super long post, I'm going to try to keep this one short. We seemed to have gained an approval on the ring splints from our insurance today - and plan to have them fitted on Monday. Yippee! It looks like it is going to be 100% covered as well. Double Yippee!

Also, Bug woke-up this morning in pain again. The same area as last time, but the pain was not as extreme. She was able to move, so I gave her Tylenol and told the school no gym or recess. Mid-day she was fine. I talked to our genetics nurse who does think that the last two times this happened it was a dislocation, and that this morning could have just been a sub lax. She gave us a referral to have a physical therapy evaluation on Monday. We are hoping to just be able to walk out only needing exercises we can do at home, but there is a chance we might have to go back. I'll cross my fingers! It will be nice to get another opinion on where her main problems are and how to help them.

I'll keep you all updated - have a Happy Thanksgiving!


Salete Lemos said...

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Good luck.

Girl, Dislocated said...

Congrats on insurance approval for the ring splints! Getting approval for anything is no small feat, as I've come to find out.

Just based on my own personal experience, I think I agree with the genetics nurse about what's going on. Hopefully though, whether Bug's dislocating or subluxating, the excercises can keep it under control.