Good Typing News!

First of all, sorry for the long time between updates, I was so sick I didn't get online for almost two weeks. All is well again and I hope to get back on track. :)

Great news! The OT came yesterday and had bug do type the alphabet on her ibook. She sent the page home, with a note attached that she had done it in one minute - twice as fast as just two weeks ago. WOO-HOO! So she is catching on - and others are seeing it. I'm just so excited about this. :) My daughter was proud as could be too - she showed it to me as soon as she walked in. Good for her!

Not much else to update right now. The high protein morning and afternoon snacks I left at school seem to be helping a little, or at least I'd like to think so. I haven't had any calls to pick bug up since sending them in. She has still had tummy aches, but has been able to manage them between the snacks and resting in her King Beany bean bag chair.

So - all good news this time! :)