First off, quick note about yesterday. My daughter was pretty tired, and was having stomach aches off and on all day again. They were at school and home. Food didn't help... She was too tired to do reading last night, or the schoolwork she hadn't finished in class. I just decided to let her rest and take the night off.

So - onto today! I am SO excited - it's our IEP meeting! I can't believe how excited I am, but I'm just so curious to hear what everyone's ideas are. I will write them here later in case they are helpful to others. I got to speak to the OT today and answered some questions about how things are going at home. We talked about how my daughter struggles with getting dressed, how some mornings she is almost impossible to get up and going, and about how we deal with homework, chores, etc. I told her that we have thick handled lightweight silverware for her to use (thanks Target!) and that she likes to use the swiffer to dust. It's lightweight, causes her to put her arms above her head (good for working on balance and hip strength) and doesn't require a lot of stress on her hands. We talked about how we do most of our homework on Sundays, so she isn't already tried from a school day, and that she likes to help wash her hair only at the pool, where they have a seat she can sit on in the shower. It was a nice chat, and I'm hoping that we were able to help eachother. :)

I'll post an update later tonight or in the morning! :)


Anonymous said...

How'd the IEP go?